The Windows Phone Experience

I have been a Windows Mobile user since Windows Mobile 2003. The O2 XDA II was the device that provided me with my first taste of smartphones. I remember being amazed whenever I use the stylus to write some of my assignment on it’s built in word processor. I have tried mastering the graffiti ala Palm style as I write flawlessly in my device. I felt so cool using that phone when calling and texting as well. Fast forward to 2014, the glory days of Windows Mobile, known today as Windows Phone, is at its lowest. Interest on the smartphone is so low that software developers rarely release a Windows Phone version of their app.

The classic O2 XDA II. Photo from

The classic O2 XDA II. Photo from

I am an Android user and occasionally an iPhone user. I have an iPhone 4s but I hardly use it. My two default phones, the ones I use on a daily basis, are a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7in) and the Blackberry 9900. I have been using the Galaxy Tab for browsing the web and the Blackberry because of it’s software stability. Just recently I had a problem with my Blackberry. Whenever I get and make calls, I could not hear anything. Even the person on the other line could not hear me. In my head “I guess this is the best time for me to replace my phone.”

My old reliable Blackberry 9900.

My old reliable Blackberry 9900.

My first taste of Lumia

I had a Nokia Lumia 520 for a while. I have no complaints when I was using it. I found it stable. But I didn’t like the screen size. It was too small for my taste so I gave it to my sister and moved on. Since I was on a hunt for a phone, the Windows Phone was one of my choices because of the stability I had with the Lumia 520. My first choice was the Nokia Lumia 1520 because of the pureview camera and the screen size, but I do not want to shell out Php 33,000 for a phone. My second choice, the Lumia 1020, also came at a hefty price at Php 33,500.

This was the phone I almost fell in love with. The Nokia Lumia 520.

This was the phone I almost fell in love with. The Nokia Lumia 520.

I was at Lucky Chinatown, in Binondo, Manila, when I came across the Nokia Lumia 1320 at Electroworld. The discount they were giving was mouthwatering at Php 9000 so I bit the bullet. My expectation with a dual core, 6 inch, 5 mp camera smartphone was just low. But for the price i have no complaints.

The phone that might make me a loyal Nokia fan. The Nokia Lumia 1320.

The phone that might make me a loyal Nokia fan. The Nokia Lumia 1320.

Honeymoon Stage Review

I am currently in a honeymoon stage with Nokia Lumia 1320 which is why I can not say anything bad about it. Despite it having a 5 megapixel camera, I found it just enough for photos being shared online. With Nokia Camera’s manual mode, where I can adjust the ISO, shutter speed, focus and white balance to my desire, I was completely sold. The screen was also good even under the sunlight. I found myself browsing on websites more on this device than on my Galaxy Tab. Not that it’s better, It’s just that the reading mode on the Internet Explorer make it easier for me to read news articles. Despite just having a 1.7ghz Dual-Core Snapdragon S4 processor, it never felt sluggish. The lack of good apps did not even bother me since I have an Nvidia Shield to play Android games with. Finally, The battery gave me enough juice to last for almost two days with normal usage.

The Nokia Camera App that lets you use your camera in a somewhat Manual mode.

The Nokia Camera App that lets you use your camera in a somewhat Manual mode.

Cool Again

The Nokia 1320 made me feel like using a Windows Phone was cool again. With it’s stable OS and amazing camera feature, I could finally bring out this phone in public and feel good about myself. I could finally shoot photos with the same precision as my DSLR (somewhat). I am now waiting for an update of the Nokia Lumia 1020 and Nokia Lumia 1520. It would surely be better than what I have now which is why I am saving a few bucks for it. =)

Use it with you Android or iPhone

I believe that there will never be an all-in-one device which can topple any smartphone in the market. Each device has its own best feature which the user should utilize to his advantage. Most of us carry two phones at the same time. I recommend that you should buy this phone along side your Android and iOS device. This device falls short of app support but provides you with an excellent camera experience and a very stable OS. I am not talking about the Nokia Lumia 1320 alone, but the whole range of Lumia phones. Bottom line, take advantage of the camera and stability on your Lumia and enjoy the apps provided by your other device.


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