A start of a new Adventure

I have never been a writer nor have I liked writing. When I was a kid, my teacher has always scolded me for not writing anything on my notebook. When I was about to graduate in grade school, I literally had to copy all the notes of a classmate just for me to graduate. I never liked the experience. Gladly, I have friends who helped me copy the notebooks word per word.

It never ended when I entered high school and college. I would only write the things that I would like to remember. Those that struck me the most. I hate writing notes just for the sake of having something to read during exam week. I was able to survive college with photocopies of notebooks from friends. And by listening to friends who are reviewing in groups, constantly asking endless questions to one another like “Who was… What is… How did… Explain to me…”

This blog will suffer the same fate as my notebooks through out my school life. I will only write the things that struck me the most. The things that I have learned in life. My stuff that needs to be reviewed. I hope you will enjoy reading my notes as I have enjoyed writing them. =)